Together against the crisis

Employee Sharing between companies at the time of crisis

Covid-19 is forcing some companies to reduce staff while others have to hire at short notice

Workonomix connects these companies to match the available staff with needs

How it works

Fast, Simple and Free

Fast, Simple and Free


Companies sign up to list their staff availability or needs, for free.


Workonomix publishes staff needs and availabilities, enabling companies to connect to each other, for free. Company names are kept confidential.


Staff profiles can be exchanged using the Workonomix profile system, for free.


Optional (for a fee): Workonomix supports with verification and onboarding service – fully digital and and remote.

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Employers with free staff

  • Offer suitable short-term jobs to your employees quickly while keeping them engaged
  • Make your available staff visible to companies who need them urgently
  • Workonomix finds suitable jobs based on skills, location, timing and duration
  • Complete the process quickly using Workonomix verified profile exchange service

Employers looking for staff

  • Click to hire most suitable candidates for your immediate needs
  • Make your hiring needs visible to companies who have available staff
  • View ready to hire candidates based on skills, location, timing and duration
  • Hire and onboard at speed using Workonomix digital service

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